KAPSARC engaged leading International Organizations to write a series of reports on carbon management that form the CCE Guide for delivery to the 2020 G20.  This collaboration grew out of meetings in Paris in July 2019 between KAPSARC, the Saudi Ministry of Energy and several of the partners.  The meetings were also the genesis of KAPSARC’s concept of the circular carbon economy that has formed the organizing principles of the CCE Guide.

As a  top quartile global energy think tank, KAPSARC values objective, fact-based research and analysis.  The cornerstone of the CCE Guide collaboration has been that each partner has full independence and control over the content of their reports. Visit the CCE Guide partners for more information on their other research and activities: 

Going forward

KAPSARC will continue to develop knowledge around circular carbon economy and welcomes further collaboration with other research institutions. Next steps in CCE research will likely include:  

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Circular Carbon Economy